About Us

Abundant Technologies, LLC is proud to serve Eastern Washington and the surrounding area. Abundant is a 2nd generation family-owned business established in 2006 as a woman-owned small business by Tom and Terri McMakin. In the 15th year of owning the company, the 2nd generation has now become an integral part of working in the company in different capacities.

Abundant Technologies focuses on providing their customers with excellent customer service, high quality products and licensed and trained staff.

They are happy to assist you with the installation and servicing of PBX or VoIP Telephone Systems that consist of the industries leading technology as well as legacy phone systems for small and medium-sized businesses.

Customers trust the staff at Abundant to be the consultant for their businesses and to assist in implementing their technology needs. As a part of that consulting, they engineer and install network cabling systems, phone systems including multi-site systems, and phone service. They also install and service surveillance camera systems for businesses.

Abundant Technologies also provides service to 3rd Party companies that establish contracts with larger chain corporations. By servicing a wide range of technology they can give corporate accounts the peace of mind that they are representing their client well.



Abundant Technologies, LLC was originally established in 1994 as Doyle Telecom.

1994 – Originated as Doyle Telecom under Doyle Electric, Inc.

1996 – Tom McMakin became Manager of Doyle Telecom

2000 – Doyle Telecom purchased Valcom, local telecom company.

2006 – Doyle Telecom purchased by Tom and Terri McMakin from Doyle Electric, Inc.

2009 – Doyle Telecom changed their name to Abundant Technologies, LLC and was established as an LLC.

2021 – Abundant Technologies, LLC – Established the 2nd generation of Abundant Technologies as Tom and Terri McMakin’s adult children are added to the management team and technical team.


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