Our Services

VoiP Phone Systems and Service

With the changes we have seen in the past year, working from home has now become a expected option.  VoiP phone systems extend the features of the host phone system to be able to be located in any remote location that has high speed internet. The benefits of this remote VoIP application include the flexibility to quickly and easily set up a cost-effective remote office location and the ability to save money by eliminating the need for separate phone lines along with the expense of incremental long distance bills.

Abundant Technologies, specializes in providing small and large businesses with customized telephone systems to fit their current and future needs. We specialize in installing and servicing phone systems and phone service through Ipitomy Communications, an industry leader in hosted PBX, On Premise PBX and SIP Trunks.

For more information on our phone products go to Ipitomy Communications


Surveillance Camera Systems

Every business has different security needs. Abundant Technologies provides state required licensed limited energy technicians and apprentices that can help you design and implement what that looks like for your specific business.

To bring the most versatile and stable surveillance systems to our customers we use products like Exaqvision, Hikvision and Unifi products. These products are flexible depending on your needs and budget. It also gives our customers the options of IP Camera servers, Hybrid servers, along with NVR, Cloud based or license-based systems.


Some of the features you may be looking for are:

  • Recording IP cameras, encoders and analog security cameras
  • Available in hybrid servers and IP camera network video record (NVR) models
  • View live and recorded video through free client application on PC or mobile
  • 911, 311, and credit limit alarms
  • Recording of video continuously or motion based with different options for storage availability and up to 1800 frames per second of live/recorded video to web/mobile clients


For a customized consultation, call our team at 509-525-7288 and ask for our surveillance specialist. We’ll help you design a system that fits your needs.

Specialized Services

Beyond the standard services of network cabling, fiber optic cabling, phone systems, surveillance systems and door access systems, we provide specialized services in the telecom industry.  We help our customers find the products and services that they need for their business.

Third Party Corporate Companies

There are companies that we tag as “third party companies”.  They are our customers that contract with large chain corporations and then in turn sub-contract their work to us.  We are a well trusted vendor by these companies and have provided some of them with service for over 15 years. If you are one of these companies and would like to partner with us, please contact us at sales@abundanttechnologies.com

Technology Consultant

Our commercial customers, are focused on their customers, their business and their passions. Most of the time, they are not wanting to spend their time on the research of figuring out what they need in the background for their technical and security needs. We’re here to help with that. We can meet with you, talk about what your needs are and what you want to happen in your business. Then we can help design what your technology will look like that in order to support your goals. We can consult in the areas of Phone systems, phone service, surveillance systems, network cabling systems. If there is technology that we cannot provide ourselves, we will be happy to refer you to partners that we work with in the local area, such as internet providers, IT support and electrical wiring.

For a customized consultation, call our team at 509-525-7288 and ask for one of our consultants. We’ll help you design a system that fits your needs.

Cabling Infrastructure System

Abundant Technologies, LLC provides small and large businesses their voice and data cabling solutions, fiber optic cabling, and cabling for your overhead paging systems for your business. When it comes to remodels, office moves, or new installations we can help find the best solutions for you and your business.

Our professional installers will make sure that your cable infrastructure is well organized, maintained and adaptable for tomorrow. We also provide certified LAN testers for testing your cabling solutions.

To contact us, click here or call 509-525-7288.