Users of wide-area networks, local networks and broadband Internet services can now expand the reach of their Telephone Communications System by utilizing VoIP applications. By installing Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) cards and IP telephones on expandable telephone systems, the features can be extended anywhere in the world where high-speed Internet or wide-area network service exists.

Great for Telecommuters

With telecommuting continually on the rise, IP phones extend the features of the host phone system to the teleworker’s residential or satellite work location. Benefits of this remote VoIP application include the flexibility to quickly and easily set up a cost-effective remote office location and the ability to save money by eliminating the need for separate phone lines along with the expense of incremental long distance bills.

Multiple Branch Office and Campus Uses

An IP phone can also be of great benefit in branch office and campus-type environments. Cost savings and productivity increases can be realized by combining both voice and data traffic onto a single infrastructure between locations or buildings.

Abundant Technologies, LLC can customize your VoIP needs for your business through several different avenues of products. We do specialize in the Vodavi IP phone especially designed for the XTS system. This is an IP phone that is a fully-featured telephone, with virtually every feature available to help its user increase personal productivity.

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