The new 18.1 version of the INN-FORM XL is the latest in the most popular hospitality call accounting system on the market today. With over 18,000 hotels, motels, and bed and breakfasts in North America using the XL, you can be assured that it is easy to use, cost effective, reliable and accurate. This TEL product can store 1,800 call records, OR, as the other option, it can be interfaced to any property management system. The XL can also be interfaced to any telephone system which generates Station Message Detail Records (SMDR). With an internal modem and FLASH memory, the new 18.1 XL allows for easy remote updates.

Some features of the INN-FORM XL:

  • Local and 8xx threshold billing options

  • Internal modem and FLASH memory for easier upgrades

  • Option of using a parallel or serial printer

  • 911, 311, and credit limit alarms

  • Trunk reports

  • Onsite programmability

  • Two year manufacturer’s warranty

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